Starting Keto During Quarantine – How to Be Keto During Covid

Keto foods for your quarantine pantry

Due to social distancing rules, making frequent grocery runs has been tough, if not impossible. We’ve had more luck with small, local shops or going ~30 mins before stores open to begin lining up.


  • Olive oils
  • Cheese crisps
  • Keto friendly low-carb bars

Online retailers

Online retailers are also great options, with many stores still online (including our own!) where you can buy shelf-stable keto diet food and snacks.

  • Jet
  • Amazon / Amazon Fresh
  • Thrive Market (requires membership)
  • Key Eats shop – where you can get delicious keto friendly bars, cheese crisps and more!


Staying active

If you’re like us, you’ve noticed your step count has plummeted since being in quarantine. If you don’t have easy access to the outdoors, we recommend the following:

  • Pay attention to your step counter, if you have one and try to match your pre-covid activity
  • Peloton is offering 90 day subscriptions for free, and in addition to their famous bike classes they also have great bodyweight and outdoor walking and running classes you can preload and use on the go
  • Invest in some jump ropes. We like cross ropes because the weight gives you a better cardio boost – but be sure to use a mat or rug underneath to protect your floors and the rope.
  • A TRX is also a great option, as you can hook it up in your doorway and use your bodweight for resistance