Rebel Ice Cream Reviews: Every Flavor Ranked


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What is Rebel ice cream?

Rebel ice cream is the newest kid on the “healthy” ice cream block. Packed in novel pastel packaging with whimsical fonts, they aim to be the, “lowest net carb ice cream on the market.” Emblazoned on the lid of each pint sized tub are the words: low carb, high fat with no sugar added while singing praises of a low-carb high-fat keto diet.

The basic Rebel ice cream ingredients

According to their ingredients page, the most common ingredients in Rebel’s ice cream are:

  • cream
  • egg yolk
  • erythritol and monk fruit for sweeteners
  • milk protein isolate – to capture the structure of traditional ice cream, without the carbs of milk
  • chicory root fiber – a probiotic to combat the cooling sensation of erythritol
  • vegetable glycerin – to improve texture
  • natural gums like xantham gum and guar gum – stabilizers
  • sugar-free and grain-free inclusions only.

A full ingredients list by flavor can be found here on the Rebel site.

All the Rebel ice creams reviewed and ranked

Butter Pecan (9/10)

Woof. I don’t even like butter pecan, nothing about that sounded interesting to me. But on first bite my eyes rolled in to my head, it was that good. The pecans are perfectly roasted so there’s no bitterness, and the ice cream is indulgent and silky. This is like the Haagen-Dazs of low carb ice cream.

Net carbs per pint: 6g

Mint Chip (8.5/10)

YUM. By far one of the best tasting flavor of the bunch. This is much, much tastier and less chalky than Halo Top’s mint chip. While not a totally fair comparison given Rebel’s mint chip is made with real cream and not skim milk, this was still surprisingly delightful and even came with delicious chocolate shavings.

Net carbs per pint: 6g

Strawberry (8.5/10)

Pale in color but not in flavor, the strawberry is a home run for us. What it lacks in pigment it definitely makes up in texture, flavor and experience. Rebel’s strawberry ice cream is both delicious and convincing, packed chock full of strawberry seeds and bits, this is easily one of our more favorite “strawberry” desserts. The cooling effect of the sweetness adds a nice touch, too.

Net carbs per pint: 7g

Vanilla (7/10)

A great taste, with the depth of flavor that nods to “real vanilla”…but without the delightful vanilla bean bits. It’s definitely good, but there’s something unsatisfying about how “thin” it feels without the vanilla bean texture to mix it up. It finishes fast, so even though the flavor is good it’s not our favorite. Would be a 10/10 if served alongside a delicious keto brownie or cookie.

Net carbs per pint: 5g

Chocolate (6/10)

This one is a-OKAY. The thinness is to be expected with Rebel, but a pretty pleasing taste. Chocolate and fudgey in the way the 365 or Weight Watchers fudge bars are, with a slight twang of coconut milk flavor. Not the best, and far from the worst. Would get it again but I actually liked the cookie dough better for its straciettella like taste and feel.

Net carbs per pint: 6g

Cookie Dough (4/10 for cookie dough, an 8/10 for straccietella)

Hmm, its more like a stracciatella  than a cookie dough ice cream. I’m definitely digging the thinly shaved chocolate ( a la mint chip) but am pretty confused by the general lack of cookie dough, even in flavor. It’s more of a decent vanilla ice cream base with thin chocolate shavings. I’m not partial to cookie dough but pretty sure the reason why people buy cookie dough ice cream is to get cookie dough pieces. Meh pass unless you want “chocolate chip” only.

Net carbs per pint: 6g

Peanut Butter Fudge (2/10)

This is probably one of my least favorite flavors. Not only was the peanut butter flavor overwhelming, it masked the other flavors and yet still had an unsatisfying “thin” PB2 finish. It was like watered down frozen PB2 with tasteless chocolate bits. Definitely in the bottom 2 for me, which is a bummer because pb + chocolate is usually a winning combo. Out of the bunch, it’s also the highest carbs per pint at 8g for the tub. While that’s still relatively small considering traditional ice creams can have > 40g carbs per serving, to have the highest carbs for the worst taste? No thanks.

Net carbs per pint: 8g


Where to buy rebel ice cream

Rebel ice cream can be purchased individually or in packs, and is already available in select stores. To find rebel ice cream near you, you can use the official rebel ice cream locator.  For now we purchased our Rebel ice cream online, where shipping was reasonable considering it came carefully packed in a styrofoam cooler and tons of dried ice. While admittedly not great for the planet, the styrofoam cooler was packed well and everything arrived frozen solid. That’s no small feat, as small ice cream shippers often experience quality control issues if temperatures fluctuate during the shipping process, which compromises the ice cream causing it to freeze/re-freeze lose texture.

All of the flavor, none of the carbs. We likey!